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Venture capital is the locomotive of the economy, creating high-quality enterprises, high-quality jobs, solving social problems, and making money.

Invest SOP = Innovation +Total market potential + product life cycle 

30% of the national budget per year, allocated to the fund + 100 MBA + CFA


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Master Venture Capital 100,000,000 shares to sale

Master Venture Capital The Global Economy Never Fails Create high-quality enterprises ~ high-quality jobs 30% of the national budget is invested in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund every year Innovation and startup x Venture Capital x JOB= eternal immortality ~  economic development strategy A.3billion USD, film and television entertainment fund B.3billion USD, AI Digital...


Optimize employment environment ~ Good Company Mark

Optimize the employment environment 1. Big venture capital 20 billion USD 2. 10 billion usd investment inviting every year  3. Human rights salary of 2,000 USD 4. Statutory 20% of employee dividends and allotment  5. Eliminate garbage companies with a capital of less than 100M USD 6. Happy innovation R&D Team over 100 people. 7. Corporate Bullying Investigation Team  8. Staff education and...