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Welcome Venture Capital invest innovation future world 

Investment first homework = total market potential

Total market potential = number of consumption units X unit price X product life cycle

1.Food total market potential per years 15 trillion usd.

2.Car total market potential per years 3 trillion usd.

3. Internet IT AI total market potential per years 3 trillion usd.

able-bodied company

high-quality company, 20% employee dividends,

There are more than 100 innovation R&D personnel

Total market potential = number of consumption units X unit price X product life cycle

Innovate the future world~happy money~innovation management

=Investment x Innovation x Total Market Potential x Product Life Cycle~~

Create a high-quality enterprise~~standard enterprise

Investment Quality Management

Funding Program

1.Pre-A(idea) : 1M USD Stock price 0.3USD

2.A(R&D) : USD 10 million, share price USD 1

3.B (Commercialization): $30 million in stock priced at $3

4.C (mass production): $100 million

5.D (Globalization): $300 million

 Nasdaq IPO and Global Marketing

Stock price calculation formula = (net profit/total number of shares) X price-earnings ratio~~

Masterthink Tankai Company Management

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Introduction to Master AI Think Tank Master AI Think Tank is a leading company at the forefront of artificial intelligence research and innovation. Our mission is to advance the boundaries of AI technology and harness its potential for the benefit of society. Through our cutting-edge research, strategic insights, and collaborative partnerships, we aim to drive the responsible and ethical...


Master online School stock

Master online school MBA Information Science VC Startup Department of Chemical Engineering Department of Construction Engineering department of electrical engineering Film and Television Entertainment Academy Medical school Tourist Hotel Arts Agricultural College law school Industrial Engineering and Management literature High School Middle School Primary School Kindergarten Sports school...


AI Tech Party STOCK

Welcome to AI Tech Party, where innovation meets celebration! We are a cutting-edge technology company on a mission to revolutionize the world through the power of artificial intelligence.   Who We Are: At AI Tech Party, we are a team of dedicated experts with a passion for pushing the boundaries of AI technology. We combine creativity, ingenuity, and advanced algorithms to develop AI...


Master i TV Stock

Master i TV is a globalized media platform that offers a variety of features to meet users' needs and provide a high-quality media experience. Here are the key features of Master i TV: Multilingual Support: Master i TV supports multiple languages, allowing users to browse and use the platform in their preferred language. Users can choose their preferred language to better understand and...


Master AI VC stock

Mater AI VC is a venture capital firm that focuses on artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. Founded in 20XX, Mater AI VC has rapidly emerged as a leader in the investment world, driven by its keen market insights and exceptional investment strategies.   The core investment philosophy of Mater AI VC revolves around fostering the application and advancement of artificial...


Master AI Smart City stock

Introduction to Master AI Smart City   Master AI Smart City is a leading company focused on the field of smart cities. We are committed to using artificial intelligence and innovative technologies to build smart cities, providing sustainable, efficient, and convenient urban solutions. By integrating data, analytics, and automation technologies, we empower cities to achieve smarter,...